The Company

Bare3D is a small open source 3D printer company dedicated to sharing simple and innovative solutions to complex design challenges.

The Team


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Head of Operations


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The Backstory

As a kid, Leland just wouldn't stop building stuff. At age 11, he stumbled upon competitive robotics and, wow, was it a fit. Quickly recruiting his older brother (James) and a couple friends, the Green Egg Robotics (GER) team was formed. A little horn tooting here, but GER was kind of a big deal. The team won 4 World Championship titles and gained global recognition for their out-of-the-box yet efficient designs.

After graduating high school, Leland attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute. A year was enough to realize he wanted to pursue his side projects full-time. Excited about product design, Leland needed a tool to prototype.

At last, this is where 3D printers come into the story. Low on money but not willing to compromise quality, Leland built a few 3D printers from open source plans. The similarities between competitive robotics and 3D printers was immediately apparent. Seeing a huge opportunity for improvement, he started designing his own printers. Friends saw the printers and were like “Dude, did you really make that? You should sell it!” That’s how Bare3D was born.

Our mission with Bare3D is to empower fellow makers and 3D printer enthusiasts. We think a personal 3D printer should be a platform that can evolve as you grow. Our aim is to remove the struggles that Leland faced when starting out and jump you to a point where you can innovate. The BareXY printer is designed to deliver extreme quality immediately but also be a foundation to build off of. We can’t wait to see the amazing customizations you will make!