No shortcuts were taken when choosing components. From authentic Gates GT2 timing belts to OpenBuilds wheels, the components we've chosen are built to last.

Buy through us? We’ve found all of the best sources for components and get bulk discounts/reduced shipping costs. We save big on the motors.

Do it yourself? You can sometimes get components for cheap through suppliers in low cost regions, but we don’t want to take that chance on unknown quality.

Kit Includes

  • XY Axis Motor (2x)
  • Extruder Motor (1x)
  • Z Axis Motor with Integrated Leadscrew (1x)
  • GT2 20T Pulley (2x)
  • GT2 Timing Belt 1.43m (2x)
  • Delrin Mini V-Wheel Kit (13x)
  • Precision shim (30x)
  • F623zz Bearing (16x)
  • 50mm Blower Fan 24V (1x)
  • Cable Sleeving (65cm)
  • PTFE Tube (55cm)
  • Bowden Coupling (1x)
  • Zip-Ties (100pk)


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