Worried about wiring your power supply and getting electrocuted? We've pre-wired and housed the power supply, so your power line is plug and play. No soldering or crimping required.

Buy through us? As mechanical guys, wiring, crimping, and soldering always seems to be a hassle, and dealing with mains power can be scary.

Do it yourself? It’s empowering to learn about the electrical side of printing, just be safe!


  • Z motors feature integrated lead screws with pom nuts. Integrated lead screws guarantee concentric motion, eliminating Z wobble.

Power Supply

  • 24V supply fused for safety
  • Integrated on/off switch
  • C13 power outlet

Heated Bed

  • MK3 bed that we've pre-soldered and wired for you
  • Warm-up time (21 to 80 deg C) in approximately 2 minutes

Kit Includes

  • XY Axis Motor (2x)
  • Extruder Motor (1x)
  • Z Axis Motor with Integrated Leadscrew/POM Nut (2x)
  • 24V 15A Power Supply (Enclosed and Wired) (1x)
  • 220x220mm 24V Presolderd MK3 Heated Bed with NTC 3950 Thermistor (1x)
  • 6Ft C-13 Power Cable (US Plug) (1x)
  • 50mm Blower Fan (1x)
  • Capricorn PTFE Tubing (1x)
  • Bowden Tube Coupling (1x)
  • Braided Cable Sleeving (1x)
  • 4” Zip-Ties (100x)
  • BuildTak 9”x10”


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