The BareXY frame is the foundation of your printer. We’ve integrated the linear motion directly into our frame. Designed to be sleek, sturdy and easy to assemble with zero plastic brackets and minimal hardware.

Already have a printer but your frame is letting you down? This is a perfect upgrade. A few modifications and you can port over your current hardware to our reliable foundation.

Buy through us? We have the equipment and machining process down, so we can efficiently crank out a frame that will go together like a charm.

Do it yourself? If you have the time, access to a mill, and the skillset or desire to learn about machining, go ahead and machine your own frame. Just beware, precision is key in 3D printing, so we don't recommend using a drill press or hand held drill.

Kit Includes

  • Machined V Slot Extrusion
    • F5-20x20x310mm (2x)
    • F9-20x20x410mm (1x)
    • F10-20x20x410mm (1x)
    • F11-20x20x357mm (1x)
  • Machined T Slot Extrusion
    • F1-20x20x410mm (1x)
    • F2-20x20x410mm (1x)
    • F3-20x20x395mm (2x)
    • F4-20x20x395mm (2x)
    • F6-20x20x310mm (1x)
    • F7-20x20x229mm (2x)
    • F8-20x20x341mm (2x)
  • Hardware
    • M5x25mm Flathead screws (19x)


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