This kit includes all hardware necessary to build your BareXY.

Buy through us? Finding deals and sourcing your own parts can be fun, but when its screws and nuts is it really that glorious? We’ve sourced and compiled everything for you. Plus, we get bulk discounts.

Do it yourself? I suppose this is an option if you like pain.

Kit Includes

  • M3 Socket Head screws
    • 8mm (9x)
    • 12mm (10x)
    • 22mm (6x)
    • 25mm (5x)
    • 30mm (7x)
    • 35mm (7x)
    • 40mm (5x)
  • M3 Flathead screw
    • 14mm (3x)
    • 16mm (5x)
  • M3 T-Nut (5x)
  • M3 Square Nut (6x)
  • M3 Nylock Nut (24x)
  • M5 Button Head Cap screws
    • 8mm (3x)
    • 10mm (23x)
    • 12mm (2x)
    • 14mm (3x)
    • 16mm (5x)
    • 30mm(12x)
    • 35mm (6x)
    • 45mm (5x)
  • M5 Flathead screws 25mm (19x)
  • M5 Nylock Nut (21x)
  • M5 T-Nut (7x)
  • M5 Drop-In T Nut (27x)
  • M5 Square Nut (4x)


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