The parts included in this kit are all printed on our own BareXY printers using high quality PETG filament (and TPE for flexible feet). Each included printed part has been through many design iterations to achieve robust and efficient performance.

Buy through us? Don’t have access to a printer yet. We have a few... Our settings are dialed in to produce parts that are guaranteed to work.

Do it yourself? We provide .stl files for all printed parts so you can print them yourself. Have a friend with a printer, by all means, print your own. It’s fun!

Kit Includes

  • 1A Rubber Foot (4x)
  • 2A Z Motor Mount R (1x)
  • 3A Z Motor Mount L (1x)
  • 4A Power Supply Bracket (2x)
  • 5A DuetWifi Enclosure Frame (1x)
  • 6A DuetWifi Cover (1x)
  • 7A DuetWifi Mount (1x)
  • 8A Z Carriage (2x)
  • 9A Leadnut Bracket (2x)
  • 10A FlexPlate Aligner R (1x)
  • 11A FlexPlate Aligner L (1x)
  • 12A XY Motor Mount (2x)
  • 13A Print Carriage (top) (1x)
  • 14A Print Carriage (bottom) (1x)
  • 15A Y Carriage (top) L (1x)
  • 16A Y Carriage (bottom) L (1x)
  • 17A Y Carriage (top) R (1x)
  • 18A Y Carriage (bottom) R (1x)
  • 19A Spool Holder (1x)
  • 20A Bowden Tube Holder (1x)
  • 21A Pulley Bracket (top) L (1x)
  • 22A Pulley Bracket (bottom) L (1x)
  • 23A Pulley Bracket (top) R (1x)
  • 24A Pulley Bracket (bottom) R (1x)
  • 25A Printed Logo (1x)
  • 26A Belt Pin (2x)
  • 27A Part Cooling Fan Shroud (1x)
  • 28A Power Supply Enclosure (1x)
  • Carriage Spacer 5.6mm (6x)
  • Pulley Spacer 3mm (2x)
  • Wire Clip (Zip-Tie) (4x)
  • Wire Clip (No Zip-Tie) (10x)
  • Belt Lock (4x)


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